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Download Assignment 2017-18

MBA Third Year Assignments-2018-19
MBA Project Report guidelines 2018-19
B.Ed(Special Education) 3rd Semester 2016-20 batch assignments
B.Ed(Special Education) 5th Semester 2015 batch assignments
B.Ed(Special Education) 2nd Semester 2017 batch assignments
MBA 1st SEMESTER 2017-18 Assignment
B.Ed(Special Education) 4th Semester Assignment
cngom assignment n project guide
MBA I YEAR OLD BATCH_2017-18 Assignment
M.A (Economics) I Year
M.A (Economics) II Year
M.A (English) I&II Years
M.A (Hindi) I&II Years
M.A (History) I&II Years
M.A(Political Science) I&II Years
M.A(Public Administration) I&II Years
M.A(Sociology) I&II Years
M.A(Telugu) I&II Years
M.A(Urdu) I Year
M.A(Urdu) II Year
B.Ed(Special Education) 3rd Semester
B.Ed(Special Education) 2nd Semester
PGDWMMT 2017-18
MLISc Assignments 2017-18
PG Diploma in Culture & Heritage Tourism 2017-18
PG Diploma in Humarights Assignment 2017-18
PG Diploma in Humarights project guidelines 2017-18
M.Sc(Psychology) 1 Yr
M.Sc(Psychology) 2 Yr
MBA Third Year Specializations
MBA Second Year 2016-17
MBA Third Year Assignment and Project reports
M.Com Assignment
M.Sc Maths First Year
M.Sc Maths Second Year
M.Sc(Botany) Firstyear
M.Sc(Botany) Second year
M.Sc(Chemistry) First year
M.Sc(Chemistry) Second year
M.Sc(Environmental Science) First year
M.Sc(Environmental Science) Second year
M.Sc(Physics) First year
M.Sc(Physics) Second year
M.Sc(Zoology) First year
M.Sc(Zoology) Second year

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