Grievance Readdressal System & Feed Back Mechanism
  At Dr. BRAOU we are following our duty with promptness and shall work with dedication. All the responsibility, guidelines, standard and rules and  regulations are maintained and will be maintained.

  Dr BRAOU has developed grievance redressal mechanism for quick resolution of grievances received from the learners. All the grievances are handled by the Public Relations Branch. The Public Relations branch is one of the important branch in the University. The Public Relations Officer in this branch is involved in the various functions of the University and directly report to the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar. The branch also acts as a link between the University and the Students. The branch serves as a feedback for both positive and negative aspects and suggests from time to time remedial or corrective steps for improvements and better functioning of the University. The RTI cases received and resolved in the branch are mentioned below.
  Total Number of Applications received during 01-10-2018 to 31-12-2018: 20

  Total Number of Applications disposed/resolved during 01-10-2018 to 31-12-2018: 19

  Total Number of Applications pending as on end of the last quarter: 01

  Grievance redressing mechanisms are in place in the University for various purposes as shown here under:
   1.Dean student affairs to clear all the issues of admissions and problems during the period of study.
  2.Help desk to enable the students to contact over phone to seek clarification and guidance on issue from entry to exit. Help desk Number: 7382929570,580,590,600.
  3.The complainants are made aware about the procedures for submitting their grievances through communications via website, face to face mode, email. Email:
  4.All the contact numbers of directorates of the University is given in the website of the university to provide guidance to the students.
. 5.Study Centre Offices at local level.